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Hi Martha! Happy new year to you and you sweet family. I just wanted to check in with you for an update on Chula. She has recently turned FOUR YEARS OLD! How time has flown by with her. She/we are continuing our volunteer services with Good Dog Foundation. Her temperament is perfect for this volunteer work. Pete’s mom is in assisted living with full blown dementia. Chula hops right up to her lap and lays down- No matter how uncomfortable or awkward the condition of his mom. She is instinctual! People still stop me on the street to ask questions about her. Chula still stands out as a special star. Not to mention her vocabulary is extensive! She loves to “go to school.” Learning new tricks is fun for her. When she is concentrating, she does this “fake sneeze.” It is the funniest thing ever! This is when I know she is about to conquer her next skill. I just wanted to give you a few updated photos of this smart young baby of 4 years. Thank you again for breeding these perfect little angels with fur! She has an Instagram page in case you would like to follow her! @little_miss_chula Much love in the new year!
Hi Martha! Just wanted to say Thank You!!! Sassy(Glory) is such a wonderful precious girl. The vet says that she is a very healthy puppy. I am so glad that we found you. She has brought such joy to our home. She loves to give kisses to everyone she meets. Even though my husband was undecided at first, she has become his little princess. And he says we will definitely be back for another lol. I just want to commend you on a wonderful job of bringing these babies into the world and raising them in love which is very telling. I would recommend Martha and her puppies to anyone looking for a peekapoo. They are definitely worth it!! Take care,
Dan and Angie
Today is a week we have our sweet little girl, she is such a delight and so smart, what a wonderful addition to our family. We just wanted to thank you.
I just wanted to let you know about our two girls we got from you:) Ginger was born last Oct. 31 (Belinda and Sailor) and is coming up on her 1st birthday. She is such a lovely girl. She thinks she is a human; she always wants to be by our side. She loves all five kids and insists on being in the car when we pick them up from their many activities. She is so loving and is so easy going. Everyone she meets wants to know what kind of dog she is because she is so wonderful and friendly. She is 7.8 lbs. (the brown puppy) Our second little one has a TOTALLY different personality but is equally as wonderful (born June 4th to Dazzle and Tom). She is always ready to play and never sits still. haha She is definitely a second child. No matter when we brush her hair she looks like she just woke up. She has a way of making us all laugh at her all the time. She is currently 5.2 lbs. I believe you said this was your daughter’s dog and it was her first litter. Please tell her how much we love our puppy, Elsie. Our vet loves our visits and comments each time we are there how healthy and what wonderful dogs we have. They make the Facebook page at the vet each time they go. These two are always together unless Ginger hops into the car to pick up the kids and Elsie is busy entertaining someone else. They are best friends. I am so glad we got two. I have included several pictures. I think the one of Ginger alone totally sums up her personality–kind. Elsie’s pictures are totally her–always funny and looking for fun. Hope your fall is going well~ Thank you again for the great additions to our family.
The Shimracks
We couldn’t be more happy with Little Bear. He has become such a character from waking us up in the morning by lying on our chest, to bringing us his dishes when he is either hungry or thirsty. He is so smart and learns quickly. He knows how to sit, lie down, fetch and bring back any ball or toy, and we are currently teaching him to roll over. In the dog parks, he sticks by our side whenever we walk around and we have also taught him to drop things from his mouth and to heel by our side (which is probably why he stays at our side inside dog park enclosures). We are pretty sure he will learn many more new tricks as time goes by as he always seems eager to learn and to please. We have taken him on our travels too and we are trying to make him more adapted to riding in the car. Soon when spring is around and we are able to ride our bikes in the comfortable weather, we will carefully and slowly see if he’ll get used to riding in a basket. He loves being with us so we are confident he will enjoy the breeze in his face. I will send a photo once we accomplish this feat. And let me just tell you about photos! He has learned to pose and sit still for photos (so far). It may be just luck but we have taken some really nice ones. We have enclosed a few photos for you to see our little darling including a Nice List Certificate from Santa. Everyone is crazy about him and his sable coloring. He is absolutely gorgeous! And because of his coloring, they see why we call him Little Bear. Martha, we just love him and can’t thank you enough for the purchase of our adorable and abundantly loving, sweet and kind precious baby. Warmest regards,
Brigette and Paul
Hello from Missouri. Maggie (babycakes) is definitely coming into her own unique personality. Still changing with age. She is active and extremely intelligent. She has tended to outsmart us and loves playing hide and seek with things she finds….but not so sneaky. She prances in front you like “I got it now come find it but catch me first”. Our girls are enjoying the training process and trying to teach her tricks. And she is a cuddler! She plays hard all day then wants her cuddle time. If only I could get a good picture but every morning she’s up in my bed laying on my chest snuggling by my neck and LOVES being held on her back like a baby to have her belly scratched! And those teeth!!! How can you not give in with those sad eyes and goofy grin?? She’s been a perfect fit for our family. Energetic enough to keep up with kids and fulfills the girls “cuddle”requirements. I am always recommending this breed to anybody who seems to be looking for the same!

I just wanted to let you know that we just LOVE Hannah so much! She is so sweet, smart and such a good girl.Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies!!
Kind Regards,


I just wanted to say that Riley is doing fantastically in his new homes (we have two) and he is the joy of our home. My husband is crazy about him as I am too. Bailey is getting used to him being around and aggravating him to play (Bailey is 9) with him. He is excellent with Riley! He is so curious and playful and loves to climb up and sleep around our necks! My vet told me he was the best bred dog from a breeder she has ever seen. That says a lot coming from her. Riley loves to eat ice! If he hears you fill your glass with ice from the refrigerator, even if he is asleep, he runs and waits for you to throw down a couple small pieces, and if he sees you drinking, he runs up to you and stays until you give him some ice! That’s a first for me to have a dog that loves ice. He is sooo funny and so very smart. When it comes that time and we have to get another puppy, I will definitely be calling on you. Until that time, I will continually keep you updated on Riley. By the way, he is still small, weighing 3 1/2 pounds. Thank you so much for raising wonderful peekapoos in your home.
Debbie Morton Cannon
Hello Martha and family, We cannot thank you enough for our amazing dog. Maggie also known as sherbert is wonderful. She adores all 4 of our children ranging from 10 yrs of age to 3. She is a perfect addition to our family.
Darcey from Chicago
I didn’t know if I ever sent you this cute picture of Yogi and Baloo. They love each other. Thank you for the best quality pups we have owned. They have the sweetest disposition and were so easy to train. They fit in with our family and lifestyle perfectly. I can’t imagine life without them. Thank you,
Ruth Graff from Pennsylvania
I just wanted to update you on how well Cody (formerly MooseTrack) is doing. We took him to the vet on Friday, and they were very pleased with his health. They said “this breeder took very good care of this dog, he is very healthy and in good condition”. Thank you again for caring for the dogs so much. He has started to climb the pet stairs to sit next to us on the sofa, and he frequently (not always) hits the potty pad. The only problem we’re having is that he slows us down so much wherever we take him…since everybody loves to stop to see him and pet him. We are so happy with him, and he seems fairly happy with us (if we use his constantly wagging tail as an indicator). Thanks so much for raising Cody so well, and allowing for us to bring him into our home! Regards,
Beckie and Donald
I simply cannot express the joy our Lucy has brought into our home!! We where truly blessed to find you and your puppies. In fact we are considering a second one and wanted to check to see if you may be expecting any litters soon. Oh, just to give you a glimpse of our silly little clown…our grand-daughters’ pacifier went missing on Saturday….it showed up on Sunday. I’m hoping you get the attached picture. Thanks!
Pam O’
Now let’s see what we have accomplished in this two weeks that I have had her. We visited the vet last Tuesday and passed with flying colors. They immediately asked if they could take a picture of her for their website and I said yes. She is on the schedule for her next set of shots next week. Piper is of course adorable, lovely and full of life. We are working on Sit and doing pretty well. I have to begin puppy training class pretty soon but have been a bit overwhelmed taking good care of Piper. She loves her food and treats. Curious as to her weight but won’t know until next week. Oh yes something I want to brag about. She is doing so well with potty training. She has had one accident in the house and if I don’t get her outside soon enough she uses the potty pads I have next to the door. Amazing. Well I have written a book. You are an amazing breeder Martha. My vet was so impressed with our puppy. How healthy she is Etc. Thank you for this wonderful addition to my family. (I will say that I’m not crazy about taking her out at 3 a.m.) but this is temporary and warmer temps are coming. Again thank you Martha for the wonderful care you give to the dogs and pups. It certainly shows. With warm regards,
I wanted to give you an update on “Little Sandy”. We decided to name her Phoebe! What an absolute joy she has been. We love her to death. She is so smart and loves everyone she meets. She’s doing great socializing with people and other dogs. She’s laid back but can be so much fun to watch romp and play by herself or with her big brother Nico, our German Shepherd. They are quite a pair. He’s so good with her and very gentle. Here are a couple of pictures I took last night after her first full grooming! Thanks so much for our little Angel!!
The Phillips Family
Jax is 23 months old now and continues to be the joy of our lives. He is the smartest and most obedient dog I have ever owned. He has the best social manners when we are out in public and has even been allowed in some of our local restaurants where he lays under the table as we dine. We have downsized to a smaller home closer to my mom. Jax adjusted to the changes in our lives like a pro. We now live in a small community and Jax has quickly made friends with all of the neighbors and their dogs. He thinks every dog is his best friend and every cat is a mortal enemy. He spends a lot of time hunting and killing voles. He loves to bring them to me as a gift
Our fleecy soft adorable fur child is turning 1 in two weeks! He has brought so much joy and love to our family in one short year, he deserves his very own birthday photoshoot. If you’ve never loved a dog you are missing out.
Lola is still the most perfect dog. She’s brilliant. She tells us what she wants. She understands everything (which we’ve never experienced before with a dog) . She’s so friendly and great with other dogs. Sweetest dog ever. Happy 2017!
Rhonda Faber Green
You are the “Alchemist” of puppies! Kogi is now reaching 6.5 months and he is MORE than we could have asked for! Aside from literally stopping traffic on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. [Model and Dog unofficial competitions happen every minute.] It is quite amazing STILL to see the energy and excitement that Kogi creates. I shared with you the price $$$$$ I was offered to make him a “Reality Star”. Martha, you have that gift of producing amazing puppies. *I must remind and share that I did not share with my wife that we were inserting a new member of the family. The two of them are quite a pair. Okay, back to reality. Our family has been blessed with an amazing puppy so loved that we have issues telling him “NO” and simply training him. Again, we THANK Martha because the potty stuff, cat transition, “the essentials” he came in well equipped. We are so in love with our little Prince!
Hello Martha! Here is our sweet boy Gingerbread a.k.a. Kody. He just turned 4 months old and we are so lucky to have chosen him. He is so smart, full of fun and energy. So affectionate which is so endearing to me. I wish I could take all your pups they are all beautiful. Healthy too! You were so patient with me and Answered all my questions when needed. Blessings to you and yours and thank you again! Excellent breeder of healthy, happy, wholesome pups. Sincerely,
Patricia E. & Don from New Hampshire
Dear Martha, We want to tell you how happy we are with our puppy. We received her the first of March, and it was very cold in Vermont. All you could see in the crate were two black eyes and black hair, and one sweet little puppy. I fell in love at first sight. You called her Baby Girl, we named her Natasha (Tasha). We have a Brittany Spaniel and they are best buds. We take Tasha with us every chance we get; she has everyone stopping to talk to her on every trip. ( She loves everyone.) Tasha is smart , adorable and personality plus..your pups are A+ in our book..thank you and your family for such a special puppy. She is six months and 8 lbs and a bundle of energy!
Debbie and Al
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful puppy you have provided for our family. He is such a sweetheart. He loves to learn, is adventurous, easy-going, friendly and polite to both dogs and humans. I have noticed that our 15-minute walks turn into an hour because he has so many admirers in the neighborhood. You have also been so helpful. I have passed along your name and website to many people who have asked where he is from! Thanks again. Here is some recent pictures of him. Best,
Vivian N
Look how far we have come in only a year!! Chula just graduated from The Good Dog Foundation. She will be working as a therapy dog, visiting all kinds of people in need. My youngest daughter, Teaghan got certified as a trainer along with me. I just wanted to share the good news. Your breeding is amazing! Chula has the perfect temperament for this job. Happy holidays
Vanessa and family
I just wanted to let you know that Petunia has adjusted very well to her new home. We all love her. She has been exceptionally easy to house train and knows how to sit, come and lay down. She is well behaved and loves our cats and Doberman. Her best friend is our 96 lb Doberman named Rocket. He has taken her in like his own puppy. They eat, play and sleep together. Thank you again for helping to choose the right puppy for us. Everyone loves her color and her vet says she is healthy. Take care,
Vicki L
The puppy you sent us the other day is so smart that he fetches our slippers and newspaper already! Just kidding. He is doing great, though. He climbs up and down our stairs. He is going potty outside and he knows who mommy and daddy is. We call him Smokey, he seems to answer to it . Everybody just loves him and his color is beautiful. He does not like the word NO but he is listening pretty well. He thinks he has us wrapped around his paw and he is almost there! He watches a lot of TV with us. This is everything that is happening in the first 3 days of having him. We love him very much and I think he knows it.
Karen and family
We are so happy to have Ponchik with us. He is the greatest puppy, and everyone is in love with him. He is very smart and is already crate trained. We went to the vet last week and he is very healthy and very happy. All my neighbors already know him as the cutest puppy. Thank you very much for such a great addition to our family.
Nelly and family
Caico (formerly Puddin) is doing wonderfully! He is so smart and the most handsome pup on the block. We live in a very populated area in the middle of Arlington where he meets at least 5 new dogs and 15 new people a day. Once we’ve gone on our walk, he thinks it’s time to sit on the corner of two streets in the grass and wait for all his new dog friends to come by and play. If around 5 minutes goes by without a dog or person stopping to say hello, he leads us on a new walk past two of the buildings that have the most dogs living there. He sits and waits for the dogs to come to him and then he promptly hops up to sniff them. He loves to wrestle with the big dogs and other puppies yet he realizes he’s not so small now so he’s gentle with the little ones. Since he is Mr. Social, he has also become a regular at many of the Arlington restaurants with outdoor tables. He lays down under the table and plays with toys or watches the crowds of people walking by. I continue to be amazed by how unphased he is with firetrucks, construction, heavy traffic, etc. He’s just a really cool puppy. Some people have said he’s the biggest little dog they have met. At five months he’s already 15 pounds and has pretty long legs for a Peekapoo but I think they are talking about his personality…especially with other dogs. His body frame and proportions remind us of a lab puppy. People love his markings and I have given a few people your website information when they expressed interest. They think he’s straight off the Star Wars set and ask if he’s Chewbacca or an Ewok. We just think he’s adorable and love that he rolls over to get his belly rubbed every chance he gets. Surprising to me, he’s becoming a water dog. I assume he got that from his dad since I’ve never seen a happy Peke in the water. He still hates bath time but he jumps right into the Chesapeake Bay and various streams we encounter. He does occasionally get sick in the car so I wouldn’t call him a road warrior at this time. But, he’s off on a new adventure tomorrow as we are heading to Florida to vacation with my family for a week. We hope he’s as much of a fan of the beach as we are! Thanks again for our healthy happy puppy!
Susan and family
Napoleon is now at 9 pounds and becoming the talk of the town. Everyone knows him, and when we go for a walk, everyone stops and wants to see him. More than once, we have had people driving in their cars, stop at the side of the road, get out of their car and come to pet him. His favorite treat is an ice cube, he rings the bell when he want or needs to go outside, and knows most of his toys by name. We are so happy to have found you and are thrilled with our Napoleon. We can’t wait to welcome another peekapoo from you into our family. Thanks
Bob and Marina
I believe in rescuing animals, and I intended to rescue this time. In July of 2013 I sat down to research what kind of pup I might want if I wanted a pup after my beloved pug past…..I knew I wanted poodle for the smarts, so I typed in poodle mix. In the first hour of my 2 week 6 to 8 hour a day search ( really ). Martha’s site popped up with a picture of what is now my Nala @ 2 weeks, I called Martha that day (poor girl). She answered all my questions that day and what turned out to be the next six weeks of endless requests and questions. At the two week mark my very smart husband gave me the early BD present of Martha’s pup. For the next month Martha sent me so many pics of my girl and calmed my nerves about her flying to us etc. she provided me pics of the parents and even a Video on YouTube. The day she flew to us Martha must have gotten up way before dawn and sent her on her way in her pink crate with her blanket and her papers & food sample. I took her to my Vet that I have known for, wow, 40 years. He took her into his back room where I heard him say “you guys want to see what a perfect puppy looks like”. Nala, has been very easy to train, she is super smart, if I do say so myself. Sometimes when we are out in public we put her in her carrier just so we don’t have to deal with people stopping us to pet her bunny soft hair and comment on her beautiful blue eyes. I/we could not be happier with Martha or the fine pup she brought into our lives. She is now 9 months. The pic included is at 8 &1/2 months and 3 weeks after her first grooming. (Yes she stands like that without prompting). Thank you forever Martha Bantug!
I purchased Sneakers (Pekepoo)from you on March 2010. He is going on 4 years old and doing well. Everybody loves Sneakers. Thank you, for he has become a family member that is the center of attention.
Curtis Dixon

We actually had an evening with nothing on the calendar (very unusual for us…) I mentioned to the boys that it was probably about time that they made out a Christmas list. They both (surprisingly) sat right down at the table and were ready to start writing. Tanner’s list included what he’d like to have, and then on the right side of the page he wrote what he didn’t want. He wrote:
Not socks.
Not coal.
Not another pet.

When I read that out loud, Tanner then said (to Howie as he loved on him) “Because we’ve got the best pet in the whole world. And if another pet came here at Christmas we’d just have to send it right back up the chimney because we love our Howie.”

Anessa and family

Stuart is such a fun puppy. We hit a home run with him! I take him to work with me and he is so friendly and lovey. We are going to the coast to a wedding and he is my date! Thank you for such a nice pup!

Just wanted you to know that Cooper is doing great in his new home. He is everything you said he would be and so much more. Let me just say I am so glad I found him, it was meant to be. He is quite the entertainer and he knows it. We are constantly laughing at him and the things he does. You were so right when you said he would be stunning….that he is. Everyone that sees him adores him and cannot get over how soft his fur is. I must say since we brought Cooper home our house is a home again. I am so glad we stopped off at your place to pick Cooper up and meet your family. You have a wonderful family. I will not forget where Cooper came from. I want to Thank You for everything, from our conversations on the phone and the pictures you sent as he grew, and last but not least for raising such a wonderful puppy for us. Sincerely,
Cindy & Ken

Nancy And I would like to thank you for our very special puppy and the great experience working with you. Sierra is everything you said she would be and more. We look forward to many years with her. From the day we picked her out to the day we picked her up, you were always there for us to answer all my questions. Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks again Jack & Nancy

PS The vet said she is perfect. She is very happy 🙂

I just wanted to let you know how great Mickey is doing in his new home.  He seems so happy and content!   You have given us a little angel!!!  The only time we even hear a peep from him is when he goes into his crate for very short periods of time.  I believe we have spoiled him already:). His vet check-up went well and there were no serious issues at all. We are just so pleased with this little guy!  He has quickly made it into our hearts, and the joy is back in our home!

Best regards,  

Shannon & Bob
Abby is now 5 months. She is 90% potty pad trained, can get out of whatever “kennel” cage I put her in. I actually have to use “reusable” zip ties on the door. She can do sit, wait (even for a treat placed on the floor) and waits till I tell her to go get it. She will stay when commanded. If I tell her to give me 5, she puts her paw out. We cannot get over how smart she is. And, for the best part…what a little lover she is. She loves on everyone and if she’s not sitting at your feet, she becoming a great lap dog. She is such a great addition to our family. We love her so much!!! P.s. She weighs in now at 6 1/2 pounds.

As the temperature is currently at 109, we finally decided it was time to give baby a trim. He looks adorable!

Thurston is quite a jumper. He gets up on the recliner and sits with his arm on the hand rest. Hiding bones and cookies behind pillows on the sectional sofa is a favorite game. In the middle of the night he hops on the chair then on my tall bed and tucks himself in.

We are entertained daily, laugh constantly, brag incessantly, and love eternally. We praise you and your family for the superior quality of healthy, happy pups you breed! We feel so blessed to have Thurston in our home. To say we adore Thurston is a great understatement. He is spoiled and worshiped by all.

I hope your summer is filled with fun and good memories.


Hey Martha. Here is the latest picture of Sophie, this week. I really don’t remember life without her. She is so sweet. Thank you so much for this sweet little baby girl! She provides lots of love and happiness to us all. She gives us lots of kisses and when she gets excited to see us, her whole body just wiggles, wiggles, wiggles. She always has to have the last say so about anything too even if it is with a kiss, a slap of the paw, or a bark. We have learned her different barks and she is such a funny girl with her little personality. We just love her to death and I know she loves us back!
Just wanted to let you know how much me and my family have enjoyed Reuben. He has adjusted so well here and is one of the most loving dogs. I attached a picture of him on my dad’s boat! He turns 1 on Sunday!

My girls are awesome!! I can’t tell you enough how much we adore them. They are so smart and easy to handle. I am just over the moon in love!

I am so happy we found you. I had been searching for a long time, and your puppies are the cutest I have seen. Not sure what the difference is, but some of the other Pekepoos had scraggly coats and shorter hair, longer legs…just not very cute….I found those gorgeous merle colors on your site and was in love with the cute stocky bodies and lovely thick coats. So they always be this fluffy, wow! I was warned by many people that getting two pups at the same time was going to be a nightmare, and I didn’t listen, they were so wrong! I would never adopt one dog ever again. This has been absolutely the easiest transition ever. The puppies play together and sleep together, and when we spend time with them they are not as nippy as they would be if they were alone. They get all played out so they just enjoy hanging with us. Still not a bark—how did you do it????? We took the girls with us in the car and when I stopped at the Starbucks, everyone was going nuts asking asking us about them. They are just beautiful dogs. Absolutely stunning. THANK YOU

Julie in Spokane, WA

We are having such a wonderful time with our beautiful Black and White Parti Girl that we named Fleur. She has the most gorgeous coat, is extremely confident and outgoing, just as you described her, and her presence has changed the entire atmosphere in our home in a very positive way.

After only one week, we have had many people over to visit and play with Fleur and everyone simply adores her. With your recommendations, we have very easily established routines to ensure that Fleur eliminates outdoors and not in her crate or in the house. She is extremely intelligent, energetic, adorable and sweet –exactly as you described her.

Fleur is eating the Royal Canin food that you suggested and she is not having a single issue with her digestive tract. She had her wellness check-up and the Vet was very pleased that she had been dewormed, vaccinated, did not have a single flea and that she is in perfect health!

We fell in love with Fleur the moment we laid eyes on her. She arrived in her adorable pink crate, with her pad, Pekepoo Park blanket, food, water, paperwork, and was even more beautiful than her pictures—which were amazingly gorgeous. We are extremely delighted with Fleur and she has seamlessly adjusted to us and to our home and life in California.

We deeply appreciate everything that you have done to bring Fleur into our lives and we want to thank you, Martha, from the bottom of our hearts! You are simply the Best!

P.S. She is very smart and, as of this writing (10 weeks old), she understands 14 words and 5 commands. My friends are simply amazed by her intelligence.


Niki and Jenelle

Just to let u know, Thor is an absolute delight. He has a precious, playful personality 🙂

Everything you said about him (breed) has been spot on. Kids love him and he has brought me hours of late night companionship.

He was a head turner at the vet. A rock star in the truest sense. He loves to be photographed and will pose as if he is royalty. Lol. I have noticed that he plays like a cat. Our little boy Leyton plays tag with him, adorable. Thanks Martha. We are having so much fun with Thor.

Just wanted to give you an update on Cocoa. He will be 10 months old this month and was well worth the 2 1/2 day drive from Southeast Texas to pick him up. You did an excellent job suggesting him to us as we did not want a small dog. He is the perfect size, weighing 16 lbs. At the time, you were the only breeder in the U.S. we could find who bred Pekinese females with Miniature male Poodles. Other breeders we found used Toy Poodles for the father. Whenever we take him out in the public, people comment on how beautiful he is and want to know what kind of a dog he is. I’m tempted to tell them he’s a “Wooly Booger”. One person said that he looked as if he didn’t have any feet. I registered him as “Beautiful Cocoa”. His coat looks coarse like a Chow, but is exceptionally soft and easy to care for. We don’t brush him as often as we should and he has only had a couple of baths. He even enjoys the hair dryer. He has the same temperament as our last Pekapoo – non-aggressive (we have a Feral cat that won’t let us touch her, but she and the dog love each other). He is friendly to all (thinks all visitors come to see him), gets along well with other dogs, not afraid of loud noises, fireworks or thunder and doesn’t mind the rain. We live in a rural area where fireworks are allowed and in a locale where there is an abundance of thunderstorms. He’s very hot natured and likes to lie on wet ground or pavement. We’ll sheer him come Summer. He was easy to housebreak. We didn’t use newspapers, but took him out often. He doesn’t destroy his toys and still plays with the “stuffies” our last dog had. When he was younger, he enjoyed seeing how far he could stretch a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom to our family room. When available, he prefers facial tissues to his toys and has never damaged any furnishings. He’s extremely loving, but doesn’t like to stay on the couch or sleep with us (prefers to sleep under our bed, next to the cat). He doesn’t bark much, only when someone knocks or rings the doorbell. He goes “nutso” when he sees us get his leash or ask him if he wants to go in the car. We could go on forever bragging on him, but it’s no different than being proud of your children. Thanks again for providing us with something that gives us so much joy. Regards,
Lynda and Billy Cone
Lumberton (suburb of Beaumont), Texas
Hello, just wanted to let you know that Rudy is doing great! He is the perfect fit, exactly what we were looking for. The perfect combination of playful and cuddly. His temperament is wonderful. He has such a personality, sweet and stubborn. He is running, playing, and being a puppy. He is just too cute! There has been no behavioral problems. He lets us brush him, hold him, he comes to us when we call, doing good with using the bathroom outside, and can follow the command of “sit”. We are still working on the leash. We decided to name him Winston. Thanks for bringing this wonderful blessing to us!

I just wanted you to know that Cocoa is doing great. Her appointment with the vet went fine and everyone who sees her says how adorable and soft she is!! She is just doing great with house training. She will go to the back door and whine or nudge her potty bell. We are amazed! She loves to play with her toys, nap and cuddle. She is sleeping through the night in her crate without whining. We heard her bark for the first time yesterday. She is the best puppy!
Thank you so much for everything you did to shape her into the perfect little puppy for us! Maybe we should have gotten 2! Yesterday Sal, my 4 year old, said he wanted”his own Cocoa”

This is Leah from DeForest, WI! I have to tell you Leah has fit into our family like a glove. She is the best little dog we have ever had and the girls thoroughly enjoy her. We just LOVE her. Brook who is 11 (my daughter that is pictured) just took Leah to Dane Cnty and Stoughton Fair for 4H. She won 2 GRAND Champion and 2 RESERVE Champion in both Obedience and Showmanship (15 dogs were in each of her classes). So, she’s having lots of fun with that and is Sooo proud. We will be taking her to state competitions next year.

Hope you are doing well and thanks again for our little addition to our family – we couldn’t love her more.


Indiana has become a wonderful addition to our family. My husband takes him everywhere, he’s such a proud pappa! Indiana is such a smart, loving, and playful dog. We get so many compliments on his coloring and how cute he is wherever we go. He was the smartest dog in his puppy class and even the trainers commented on how great his temperament was. You made the buying process so easy, we really appreciate you driving 1/2 way to meet us. Thank you for breeding such beautiful dogs and all the care you put into them to ensure they are well adjusted and happy!

The Lagerstroms
Dearborn, MI

I am a proud mommy of Prince Caspian and honored that his picture is on your website. Caspian has been such a blessing to this family I couldn’t ask for a better dog. I hope we have him forever! My daughter loves him very much and I will keep sending pictures to you. My parents love Caspian so much they want one for themselves so you will be hearing from me soon. Everyone loves him and comment how soft his hair is. Thank you so much for this beautiful and loving dog. He just turned 1 on April 26, 2010. He was one of your first Pekepoos.

Jessica, Michael & Nivea
Eatontown, NJ.

Hello Martha, I am writing you to tell you about Max. First and foremost, this was the greatest purchase I have made in a very long time. We just love him. He is so smart. He plays peek-a-boo, is fully trained, sleeps at least 8 hours, rings a bell when he has to go out, and knows us all by name. Our extended families, especially mine, absolutely love him. My sister treats him like a little prince. He loves to play with his toys, but also likes my spatula and my daughters little snack bowl; they are both his now. He is getting very good walking on a leash, he likes to stop at “every” poll, tree or step that he can. He got groomed this past Saturday, so I sent you some pictures. He loves to eat, a little dog food and also a little table food, so don’t be shocked to know he weighs 11 1/2 pounds already. But our vet said he is perfect and in great health. You have given us such joy by selling Max to us. You were a perfect breeder and when he came to us he was in perfect condition. I have given so many people your website so they can also have such a great experience with purchasing a dog as we did. I will definately keep in touch with you. Thank you again!!!

The Mulvihill’s

Martha, Jack is doing great!  We love him!  He is great friends with our cockapoo Quinn.  They have a lot of fun playing together.  We feel lucky to have Jack.  He makes us laugh and smile.  Everyone loves him that meets him.  Thanks again for brining Jack into our lives!


Just a note of great thanks for our wonderful and loving Rocky. You were so sweet the first time I talked to you after loosing our beloved peekapoo, Boomer. I never set out to replace him, but had a huge hole in my heart. I am happy to say that hole has been filled by a sweet cuddly little boy. He has one of the best personalities I’ve ever encountered in a dog of any breed (and I had Labs!). He is so calm, loving and smart. He is a great balance for our 8 month old Catahoula. She thinks she’s his mom! He is certainly the perfect fit for our family. Thanks again for everything!

Susy & Fred Nixon, Marietta, GA

I just wanted to give you an update about our darling Puddles. She has truly been a joy! Her personally if fun & loving. We started her Puppy Class last week & she is one smart girl! Puddles is very out going & shows no fear. We have taken her on 2 long trips (to Dog Shows where I show my Shiloh Shepherd) & believe it or not, Puddles steals the show! She is just TOO CUTE! Her coat is getting redder all the time.

She had her first professional puppy bath last week & did very well. Puddles loves playing in the sprinklers & enjoys getting wet. She also takes a *bird bath* in the larger dogs hug water bowl. It’s in the house & the water goes flying all over, but all we can do is laugh.

Well, Martha, we are so happy with our new baby girl. It was an excellent breeding! I know our dog trainer is interested in getting a puppy from you. Do you plan on another breeding in the near future? Please let me know so I can pass the news along.

Sorry this is rather long, but we are so happy & proud of our Puddles/Popcorn. My girlfriend came up with the name Popcorn because when she is on a leash, so pops up & down;)

Pam & Puddles

Having Killy has been such a joy. She is so loving and playful, loves to go for walks and greets everybody like longtime friends. When I go to my daughters, they always tell me ” bring Killy!” You have done such a great job with her, and the trip from Birmingham to Beckly was well worth it. I think your webside is beautiful and very helpful. With a big Thank you,

Chris Owsley

Our precious peek a poo puppy is Athena. She is just a joy to have in our home and has brought our entire family so much happiness. Martha was such a pleasure to work with and we were so fortunate to have found a breeder who truly treats her puppies so special. When Athena came to our home, you could tell she was raised in a very loving and caring environment. She loves people and is such a well behaved puppy. Martha continues to be very
supportive if we ever have any questions and we never had to call her about any issues. Athena is very healthy, well behaved as so lovable. We can not thank the Bantug Family enough!!

The Palmers

Molly is the new addition to our family. She is truly a joy. She makes us all very happy from the youngest to the oldest. My husband and I were never dog owners and I must say that I was a little reluctant to bring a dog into our home but Molly certainly changed my attitude. She came into our home and took over our hearts. She has a wonderful disposition and loves everyone she meets. You can tell that Martha and her family treated her well and loved her. Everyone that meets Molly always compliments her coat, demeanor and her eyes. (Molly has one blue eye and one black eye.) She is so very smart and was easy to train. Martha was so patient with us and ever ready to answer all our questions before and after Molly joined our family.

The Patti’s
Philadelphia, Pa.

Just a quick email to let you all know Finn is Fabulous!

He is  so loving and  all kisses and fun . He is also a very fast runner and he can really jump. He is such a great boy. He definitely has his dads look. His dark eyes black nose and long beautiful hair. We have only groomed his face . Oh how I love him and he is so happy.

He is a complete joy to our family.
I just wanted you all to know he is so happy. Tell Pupcake n dad he is growing up perfectly!



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