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About Pekepoo Park

Our puppies are first generation Pekepoos. They will be hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, wonderful, playful and probably the best dog you will ever own!!! Their parents all have exceptional temperaments and are fun loving intelligent family members. We are very proud our dogs and the puppies we raise. Every possible advantage is given to our furry family members and it shows in our pups. We have many happy happy families that have gotten their perfect Pekepoo from us. (All have offered to be a reference.) Our commitment and promise to you: Any puppy we raise will have exceptional care that includes the finest foods available including organic meats to supplement the Science Diet Dog Foods, competent high quality veterinarian care, love that includes gentle handling and socialization with all family members including our cat. NO kenneling. Plenty of healthy exercise that includes daily walks outside. A full two year health guarantee for any genetic problem (none to date) that returns your money and does NOT ask for your beloved family member to be returned. Registration papers will be sent upon receipt of spay/neuter verification.  As much help in getting your new puppy to your home including shipping at your convenience or traveling part way to meet you by car. Pictures via email all along the way as your little pup grows during his 8 weeks with us. Regular updates via email and support for you after your puppy arrives. I am sure there is more but just know that we are dedicated to our dogs/puppies and their new owners. Thank you, Martha

Purchasing Information

Feel free to call or email anytime to discuss purchasing one of our puppies! We love to talk about Pekepoos! If you decide to get one our puppies, a $300.00 Non-Refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy. If you are unable to go through with the sale, the deposit is non-refundable but may be placed on a different puppy at a later date. If unforeseen problems should happen at our end, your deposit will be refunded. Payment in full must be made before your puppy goes home. In-Cabin airline shipping with our Private Nanny is available to your closest larger airport for an additional $500.00.  I am always happy to drive 2 hours toward one of our new families homes at no charge to help with the travel.
Pekepoo Park

General Agreement

Seller/Breeder has provided all necessary vaccinations, worming and veterinarian care to date of sale. The puppy is in good health and free from any serious health issues. Breeder/Seller does not cover communicable diseases that were contracted after the puppy leaves. Breeder/Seller does not guarantee size, color or coat type. Breeder/Seller will mail CKC registration papers after receipt of spay/neuter verification. Buyer agrees to have the puppy seen by a qualified licensed veterinarian for a well puppy check within 3 days from date of purchase excluding weekends and holidays. Buyer agrees to do all follow up vaccinations and to limit the puppies exposure until all three sets of vaccinations have been administered.

Two Year Health Guarantee

Buyer/Seller Agreement: Seller/Breeder guarantees this puppy is in good health at the time of purchase and has received appropriate vaccinations and care. If a serious genetic defect is found by your veterinarian within two years from the birthdate, either appropriate procedures to correct the problem will be paid for by the seller not to exceed the purchase price, or the puppy purchase price will be refunded. Pekepoo Park will not be held responsible for any expenses related to malocclusions. For purchase price refund, we will need supporting documents from your veterinarian. We will also need the name and phone number of your veterinarian in case there are any questions. After receiving the documentation, it will be submitted to sellers veterinarian for review. If a genetic problem is determined to be present, the puppy purchase price will be refunded. Before any surgeries or treatments are done on the puppy found to have genetic defects, we are to be contacted. Seller is not responsible for any buyers veterinarian bills.

Breeding Rights

My puppies are NOT generally sold with breeding rights. I do have a spay/neuter contract on all puppies sold to pet homes. Breeding Rights may be purchased on exceptional puppies only and to qualified breeders only. Breeding rights on my Pekepoo Puppies are $2,000.00. If you are interested in breeding a puppy purchased from me, please feel free to discuss this. Breeding rights are not given on all puppies and there will be a $5,000 penalty and return of the dog, if puppies sold as “pet only” are being used for breeding.

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